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Re: OLPC and Tjener

* Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> [080307 01:54]:

> On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 11:30:22PM +0100, Kurt Gramlich wrote:
> >I am looking for developers who would like to work on the missing 
> >features from tjener to get our main server to work with the OLPCs.
> For future release of Lenny-based Debian-Edu, it sounds like ejabberd in 
> Debian will be adjusted to support the special requirements of OLPC XOs.
> Please speak up if you know of other packages needing adjustments.

We will check this weekend!
> >We are very successfull with the XO-LiveCd [1] and I would like to have 
> >now our Skolelinux Server to be able to connect with the OLPCs and the 
> >XO-LiveCd.
> For your server *now*, feel free to use my unofficial ejabberd 2.0 
> packaging, backported from experimental and adjusted for the needs of 
> OLPC XOs, using one of the below:
>      deb http://debian.jones.dk/ etch jabber
>      deb http://debian.jones.dk/ sid jabber
> (both are currently available for amd64 and i386 - tell me if you need 
> it for lenny and/or for powerpc)

Wow! Thank you very much !

We will test this weekend in our tstcenter, perhaps we will have
guests from austria too, two developers from OLPC ...

> I have chosen to backport 2.0 despite the ejabberd Debian maintainer 
> favoring the older 1.4.x version, due to its PAM support (I want all 
> services at my networks to authenticate and authorize through PAM, to 
> simplify both maintainance and user experience).

Good point!

>   - Jonas

Viele Gruesse/Regards
kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de GnuPG Key ID E263 FCD4

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