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Re: OLPC and Tjener

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On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 11:30:22PM +0100, Kurt Gramlich wrote:
>I am looking for developers who would like to work on the missing 
>features from tjener to get our main server to work with the OLPCs.

For future release of Lenny-based Debian-Edu, it sounds like ejabberd in 
Debian will be adjusted to support the special requirements of OLPC XOs.

Please speak up if you know of other packages needing adjustments.

>We are very successfull with the XO-LiveCd [1] and I would like to have 
>now our Skolelinux Server to be able to connect with the OLPCs and the 

For your server *now*, feel free to use my unofficial ejabberd 2.0 
packaging, backported from experimental and adjusted for the needs of 
OLPC XOs, using one of the below:

     deb http://debian.jones.dk/ etch jabber
     deb http://debian.jones.dk/ sid jabber

(both are currently available for amd64 and i386 - tell me if you need 
it for lenny and/or for powerpc)

I have chosen to backport 2.0 despite the ejabberd Debian maintainer 
favoring the older 1.4.x version, due to its PAM support (I want all 
services at my networks to authenticate and authorize through PAM, to 
simplify both maintainance and user experience).

  - Jonas

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