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Re: Not possible to chose the architecture

El mar, 04-03-2008 a las 16:50 +0100, Valerio Pachera escribió:
> Correct me if I'm worng: during skolelinux  installation from DVD, it
> recognize the processor architecture ( 64bit) and install the 64 bit
> packages version instead of the 32 bit. Right?
> Is it possible to insatll 32 bit version on a 64 bit processor (i
> mean, how do I tell that to skolelinux) ?
> In a school I have 11 computers with no web and no internet so there's
> a standalone installation in each of them. I downloded debian dvd to
> have more software to install but apt-cdrom failed on one computer:
> this computer has a 64bit processor.
> I rather whant to reinstall debian-edu in 32bit version than dowload
> debian dvd again and I would not like to confuse teachers.
> Thanks.

Just type "install" when the dvd boots before pressing enter. That will
jump over arch autodetection and will install i386.

José L.

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