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RE: has someone tried this?

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> The JrSX lacks a math coprocessor, which is unsupported with all recent 
> official Debian kernels. You will need to compile your own kernel, 
> patched with unofficial math emulation patches.
> The JrSX is reported[1] to not support PXE network booting (but possibly 
> the alternative RPL - I maintain an RPL daemon for Debian and am happy 
> to help with that if need be). The Jr may have same limitation as they 
> probably share similar bios routines.
> The JrSX uses XGI Volari Z9s graphics chip which is currently 
> unsupported by Debian AFAIK. The Jr uses SiS 550 which should work.
> The ethernet driver for the JrSX was reported to not work with DHCP. 
> Maybe works with more recent kernel - but then again, most recent 
> kernels may not yet have working FPU emoulation patches.

Ok, that sounds like a lot of work for someone that just is starting
Could any budy recomend me a cost effective thin client to purchase?

In the spec table of the jr doesn't say anything about the not having
a floating pont unit so mabe is a better option, but it says it can
boot from lan, mabe the haven't tasted so well.

> If your plan is a few machines, I would recommend something better 
> tested (personally I use VIA Eden motherboards), but if you like the 
> challenge and/or plan to roll out many machines, it makes sense to try 
> if the Jr has enough horse power, and if not, then if the JrSX is 
> possible to hack to a working state.

For the VIA Eden, do you build the client buying everything?
or are there prebuild thin clients with that
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