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Re: has someone tried this?

El mar, 29-01-2008 a las 16:20 +0000, Ismael Farfán Estrada escribió:
> Hi list,
> I want to buy some thin clients and I'm considering the
> MicroClient JrSX / jr
> of NorhTec
> Has someone used them?
> I don't mind believing the thing they say in the page
> but a second opinion is always good

According to the person who develop TCOS it works under Debian (and he
uses it with TCOS)[1]. The only problem is the sound driver sis7019 that
you'll have to compile[2] as it is not included in the kernel. So, if
works under linux and with TCOS you can assume it works with Debian &
LTSP 5.0.


José L.

[1] http://soleup.eup.uva.es/mario/post/1/494

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