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news from japan

Dear all,
During the holidays I had a visit from Mr. Jun Iio of Mitsubishi Research Institute, which overseas the Linux in schools project that I and others have mentioned here before. He stayed for a couple of hours, during which I showed him our school, created an account for him on Tjener, and showed him a japanese workstation install that I had done (my school functions in english). He was quite surprised when I showed him a P166 thin client launching open office in a fraction of the time it took to launch on the workstation (a celeron laptop). He also appreciated the effort that has gone into making skolelinux so easy to install and manage.

I was able to gain a much better understanding of the local project. Basically there are several firms who customise a Knoppix Edu live CD and support schools in their region with the trial. The CD is given to all the students to take home. They are not full time linux in the school, they are testing- CD in Knoppix, CD out Windows. It seems some schools are doing quite advanced work, however - Blender and lego robots with NQC were two examples that caught my attention. There are 35 schools in the project.

Anyway, there is an article about the visit on the Open Schools Portal web site (in Japanese, but you can see mention of skolelinux several times, and a bad photo of me at the end)



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