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Re: Doubts and question about the merging of LinEx in Debian Edu

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

I don't know if at Narvik we'll have time and occasion to begin to work on
it or maybe it's too soon, then we would go to the following meeting on
March or April.

I'd start this probably longish process in Narvik.

After seing things like:
../src/debian-edu-install#  grep -r skole * |wc -l
../src/debian-edu-install# grep -r "10\.0\." * |wc -l
../src/debian-edu-install# grep -r "tjener" * |wc -l
../debian-edu-config# grep -r "10\.0\." * |wc -l
../src/debian-edu-config# grep -r "tjener" * |wc -l
../src/debian-edu-config# grep -r skole * |wc -l

I must confess we are pretty scared (I hope many of these lines will be
in changelogs ;-).

Uhmm, I'd very interested in the stats when changelogs are excluded.
I could perfectly live with names like skole or tjener (even if there
should be some flexible mechanism to replace the names), but "10\.0"
is a technical detail that should not be hardcoded.

Option c) seems the more elegant and flexible solution, from a technical
point of view and thinking of people around the world who will have
different names for the computers and different network ranges,

I'd vote for c)

but it's
also the hardest one. If this option is chosen a lot of work need to be

In Germany we have the old rule of knights: "Viel Feind - viel Ehr"
("Many enemys - much honor" or something like that). ;-)

We have a more detailed explanation of many of the needed changes in the
configurations, but it doesn't make sense to copy them in this mail.
Now, it's time to begin to take decissions so any opinion, help or
discussion is welcome, here or at irc.

I'm wholeheartly in favour of a unification of those two projects
because I see a huge potential for increasing the quality of both and
by becoming more flexible be acceptable in much more countries than
Norway and Spain which are the main users of SkoleLinux / LinEX.
So may be this is one of the most important steps to take over
world domination. ;-)

I would volunteer to do some moderation work because I think this
will be necessary at some point.  I'm absolutely neutral about
SkoleLinux and LinEx and hopefully technically competent enough
to follow the explanation of both parties why they prefer one or
the other solution.  So I hopefully might be useful in finding
the right targets for a

  a) common solution for those that are different currently
  b) a configuration option where no common solution can be found
  c) things that should be solved in different meta packages

I can not IRC at daytime but it is fine in evening hours.  Please
ping me via e-mail first because I normally do not hang around in

Thanks for starting this discussion openly



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