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Re: Correct spelling/capitalisation of project names

Hi Raphael, hi Russ,

On Tuesday 08 January 2008 03:06, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> Some weeks ago I noticed that some package descriptions incorrectly spell
> some project names, mainly because of capitalisation.
> For example GNOME is being spelt in some packages as Gnome, or simply
> gnome, when its right spelling: GNOME. Other project names such as Debian,
> KDE and Linux aren't being correctly capitalised.
> Neil Williams has requested me on #456495 to seek a concensus on this
> subject, hence the reason of this message.
> Starting with lintian v1.23.42 the spelling check also looks for the
> correct spelling of the above mentioned project names (requested at
> #456582). 

Can you please include "Debian Edu" and "Skolelinux" in that list?! (Yes, 
Debian-Edu is the old and now depracted spelling variant, which is still used 
frequently. We have now settled on "Debian Edu" :)

I'm refraining from filing another bug report just now, but if you want, I'm 
happy to open one.

Thanks for your great work on lintian!

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