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Questions to understund ITALC

I've been able to run Italc on debian-edu 3.0 and take the control of
a thinclient but there samething working not as aspected on the script
that call ica daemon.
May you anser these questions?

1-if I'm working on a thinclient, how can I know my IP ?

If I execute /sbin/ifconfig I see the server IP address because the
command is executed on the server

On the server
  echo $DISPLAY --> :0.0

On the client
  echo $DISPLAY --> localhost:10.0

reading the german wiki ti should return a string with
$thiclient_hostname:10.0, in my case "ltsp250:10.0" instead of
"localhost".  wikihttp://italc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=ITALC_in_un_ambiente_ThinClient

3-the comand echo $DISPLAY gives different resault if it's executed on
the server or on the client, /sbin/ifconfig doesn't. Why? When does a
command "feel" to be runned on the thinclient and when on the server?

4-How can I now all the thinclient IP connected to the server?


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