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[Bug 1291] dynamic DNS


------- Additional Comments From ronny@skolelinux.org  2007-11-30 18:23 -------
probably possible, but is it desireable?
we use NFS, nfs uses hostname lookups thru dns to determine if a host is allowed
to mount or not. On a machine you controll yourself, you can assume any uid. And
allowing you to dynamicaly update dns will let you have a loophole into
everyone's files.

One could possibly document how to enable it, or link to the bind docs. But i do
not think it's wise to have it enabled as default. Only exception would be a
windows only network with a tjener as a PDC. But that's not eactly our target

I would rather spend the resources on makeing bind->ldap integration better, so
that once you add a machine in lwat you also add it in dns and dhcp.


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