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[Bug 865] Wish: Who's where? Synced list of users logged in


------- Additional Comments From rgx@gmx.de  2007-11-26 16:37 -------
http://netwhistler.sourceforge.net/img/netwhistler210.png looks nice.
Maybe controlaula or LTSP manager, and italc can be helpfull as well. 

Some central logging for any system (samba/NFS) could solve the isssue, too.

BTW: How about adding this line to any LTSP client (/opt/ltsp/...):
$MAC = getmacaddr();
if (! exist(/var/log/$MAC.log)
   hwinfo >/var/log/$MAC.log

This ensures that we "record" any relevant information about connected thin
clients. In case of failure we might use this logging for debugging.

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