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please send and update the stable update proposals...


On Sunday 04 November 2007 13:21, Morten Werner Forsbring wrote:
> I will propose to update debian-edu-install to 0.667.0.edu.etch.10 as
> well:

AFAICS, this is the latest stable update proposal for d-e-install, _maybe_ I 
missed a mail, but the wiki status page says .11 has been proposed, while 
0.667.1+svn39037 is in etch-test.

So which version should the ftpmasters review to move to etch? .10? .11? 
0.667.1+svn39037? All of them?

Also, there has been no update proposal for the versions of debian-edu-config 
and sitesummary which are in etch-test. I know, we at least want to have that 
d-e-c in etch, but other ftpmasters might not know. 

So, please, do not only update the packages, but also update the stable update 

I would have the time to review debian-edu-install, debian-edu-config and 
sitesummary now, but I wont do it, as it might be a waste of time. Please 
tell me, what needs to be reviewed and probably moved.

Thank you.

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