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Re: samba groupmaps on sarge

RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Hi Ronny, 
> thanks for your reply.
> Am Freitag 16 November 2007 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
>> since you have samba on sarge, wont the groupmaps be working as they
>> allways did ? how are you noticing that they are not present ?
> Well, I don't see any groups when browsing the domain from a windows 
> machine. And on tjener, net group list all (or sim.) doesn't give any 
> groups. net groupmap list doesn't list any groups either. I doubt that 
> these commands link to valid ldap commands.
The way i noticed that samba groups was not working after upgrading to
sarge. Was that the commands IFMEMBER.EXE failed to locate any groups.
And my netlogon scripts broke. The command works normaly on sarge and in
etch+groupmaps in ldap

ifmember.exe can be downloaded from ms technet, and i am using it to
script netlogon scripts that check for group memberships.

>> and i guess that any debian edu with sufficiently recent samba server
>> with ldap integration should be able to make the groupmaps in the
>> ldap if needed using the net groupmap command.
> I tried so - in vain. Error 5 IIRC.

Yes you will need samba from etch to make the groupmaps in the ldap.  afaik.


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