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Re: S: CD Server not only for samba

A German howto using daemon-tools can be found here:

BTW: Any hint how to create (and then map) samba groups on a Sarge 
tjener? Following Ronny's instructions (NET GROUPMAP) failed as there 
is no valid backend script bound to this command.


Am Montag 11 Juni 2007 schrieb Ralf Gesellensetter:
> Dear list,
> sometimes it is nice to provide entire cd images from your file
> server. This is not only the case with install cds, but also with
> collections of artwork, video cds and more.
> I remember people mentioning some ready-to-go cd manager that has the
> following features:
> Mount a selection of ISO images [on demand]
> Export/share these images via samba [or nfs].
> Provide [Web] frontend to select your image.
> Of course, it is quite easy to create a simple setting manually like:
> - define folder to hold iso images plus description files
> - define a rule for mount points (like /mnt/iso01 up to iso99)
> - create some entries in /etc/fstab...
> But if there is a ready tool out there - why bother ;)
> Does anybody know more?
> Thanks
> Regards
> Ralf

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