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[Bug 1270] samba groupmaps are missing after installation


------- Additional Comments From ronny@skolelinux.org  2007-11-13 09:57 -------
No it's not fixed. I notice that we use /usr/bin/samba-debian-edu-admin to make
the groupmaps on fresh installs. we could add the neccessary commands to create
all the other groupmaps there too. Unfortunatly samba-debian-edu-admin have
failed to generate the correct groupmap on one occasion, but i do not know
details about that. 

lwat still need to deal with groupmaps of admin created groups. [1]
And we should deal with upgrades somehow ? perhaps it's good enoughf to document
it in the release notes? 

 [1] http://bzz.no/lwat/trac/trac.cgi/ticket/14


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