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policy about closing bugs (Re: [Bug 1273] Problem mounting ext3/xfs partitions from konqueror)


On Monday 12 November 2007 14:55, bugzilla-skolelinux@maintainer.skolelinux.no 
> ------- Additional Comments From daniel@rio-grande.ping.de  2007-11-12
> I will leave this bug opened until the etch repository contains a fixed
> version.

I've wondered what is correct in this situation and noted other developers 
close bugs in our bugzillla a.) when they fix the svn or b.) when they fix it 
in etch-test. Closing them when they reaches etch is quite rare :-)

I think we agree one something, anything. 

As the proper fix, using one bts and one archive, is not quite there yet :-)

That said, I think we should consider moving more bugs from our bugzilla to 
the debian bts (and more actively propose to use the debian one), as this 
interprets debian/changelog bugs has a version tracking feature. 


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