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old documentation on wiki.debian.org

2007/11/4, Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>:
> Besides that all of them are outdated (dealing with sarge), they also overlap,

Same days ago I tried to find out documentation do link to same
teacher and firends
but It is pratically impossible find it out, the wiki is too much disordered.

Fist, on the home page, the "Documentation" is a small link in the bottom.

If I don't notice the quick link in the bottom I would "logically"
search documentation in the link "get help" and then "free help".
Once there, I can't find any documentation.

So I would try to go back and search on the "frequqntly asked
question" and search for documentation ...but there are many faq and
none clearly about documentation.

After that I would look in "get started" menu and there I find the
link for the WIKI.
There I find usefull information about the mailing lists.
I also find "learn more" that seems to be what I was looking for: same
But it's a mess!!! No distinction between debian-edu verions, no
logical group af arguments. Nothing that can realy make me "get

Ok, now I will go back to the home page and notice the quick link
After clicked on it I see "Manuals" :-), seem nice...but it's empty.
Then I will go to "Howto" in the previus page bit I read
"A list of how to solve different (debian-edu developers) problems"
(and I notice now that I also edited a wiki that should be reserved to
the developers).

Shortly, the debian-edu documentation is the main bug of it. I think
it's a great distribution and a good documentation will make it shine!

I suggest:
1-create a visible link on the home page called "Documentation".
2-the documentation will be ONLY wiki (that means eliminate the empty "Manuals")
 and remove "Howto" from the documentation if they are for the developer.
3-for each version of debian-edu create a NEW WIKI knowing that means
repeat part of documentation in the future version (this is the price
for a good order).
 To reorder the old documentation (sarge and before) I tink is a big
effort and with doubting resaults. I suggest to start new and clear
documentation for terra and do not use too much time to reorder the
old one.
4-actualy create the terra WIKI TREE, EMPTY but with a good and
ordered logic, so also the users can help to mantain it.
5-the first braches of the new TERRA WIKI TREE should be "the user target":

Under the first branch could be found (that's only an example):
 -distribution architecture
 -user managment

So, first of all I suggest to the devoler to write on paper a good
tree and then create the wiki.

Thank you all.

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