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Re: grinvin: interactive software for studying graphs and their invariants

Hi Ralf,

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 16:05 +0100, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> > This is just an e-mail to inform you (debian-edu) that I am working
> > on an ITP (#447129) for GrInvIn: an interactive software package for
> > studying graphs and their invariants [1]. This package is being
> > developed at Ghent University as part of my PhD research.
> >
> Thank you for letting us know - looks interesting!
> > I will probably maintain the packages under the pkg-java umbrella
> > unless you propose otherwise.
> >
> > Please CC me since I am not on the list.
> Okay, as it is Java based, it is platform indepent. Will there be 
> interacitve work sheets (exportable) or will it run within a web site 
> as applet? Geogebra has some interesting features here.

It works with interactive worksheets (called workspaces) so that all
data is retained between invocations of the program. These workspaces
can also be exchanged between GrInvIn users.

Geogebra looks interesting. Our software can be complementary for graph

> Grivin is about graphs as in graph theory (hamilton cycles, dijkstra, do 
> you remember?). Recently, I encountered GraphThing in this area. Could 
> you tell differences in aims and features?

GrInvIn is not only about graphs but also amount conjectures on
properties (invariants) of those graphs. It comes with a complete
context sensitive help system and many built-in graphs and invariants.
It currently does not support the visualisation of the invariants (such
as chromatic index; it does however include code to compute the value).

Another related project is newGraph but it is currently discontinued.

Adriaan Peeters

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