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What more to include in 3.0r1?

According to
<URL:http://ftp.skolelinux.no/skolelinux/needs_love.html>, several
packages are only in etch-test and not in etch.  I believe the
following should be pushed to etch:

   package            debian-edu/etch-test local  debian-edu/etch local
  *debian-edu         0.822.0.edu.etch.3          0.822.0.edu.etch.1
  *debian-edu-config  0.415.0.edu.etch.2          0.415.0.edu.etch.1+svn37068
  *debian-edu-doc     0.7.20071028                0.6.20070721
  *debian-edu-install 0.667.0.edu.etch.11         0.667.0.edu.etch.1
  *ltsp               0.99debian12+0.0.edu.etch.8 0.99debian12+0.0.edu.etch.7
  *sitesummary        0.0.30                      0.0.29
   xdebconfigurator   1.30                        1.29
   915resolution      0.5.3-0.0.edu.etch.1        -
   debian-edu-archive-keyring 2007.09.15          -

Packages flagged (*) are already requested for a stable update.  Are
there others?  Are there changes in the pipeline that should be
included in 3.0r1.  We will need to change the version number in
debian-edu-config to use the 3.0r1 string.  This should be the last
change we do to before we release.

These should perhaps not be pushed into etch from etch-test:

   package            debian-edu/etch-test local  debian-edu/etch local
   live-helper        1.0a27-1.0.edu.etch.1       1.0a19-1.0.edu.etch.1
   live-initramfs     1.99.2-1.0.edu.etch.1       1.91.5-1.0.edu.etch.1
   gnash              0.8.0+cvs20070707.1946-0.0.edu.etch.2
   multiseat          0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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