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Re: grinvin: interactive software for studying graphs and their invariants

Am Mittwoch 31 Oktober 2007 schrieb Adriaan Peeters:
> Hi,

Dear Adriaan,

> This is just an e-mail to inform you (debian-edu) that I am working
> on an ITP (#447129) for GrInvIn: an interactive software package for
> studying graphs and their invariants [1]. This package is being
> developed at Ghent University as part of my PhD research.

Thank you for letting us know - looks interesting!

> I will probably maintain the packages under the pkg-java umbrella
> unless you propose otherwise.
> Please CC me since I am not on the list.

Okay, as it is Java based, it is platform indepent. Will there be 
interacitve work sheets (exportable) or will it run within a web site 
as applet? Geogebra has some interesting features here.

Grivin is about graphs as in graph theory (hamilton cycles, dijkstra, do 
you remember?). Recently, I encountered GraphThing in this area. Could 
you tell differences in aims and features?
> [1] http://www.grinvin.org/
Kind regards,

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