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Re: Advice on elementary school environment

Am Montag 29 Oktober 2007 schrieb Michael Hanke:
> [ I'm not subscribed (yet), please keep me CC'ed ]

Dear Michael,

thank you for your intereset in free educational software - and welcome 
to Debian Edu (in case you didn't know: there is also a mailinglist in 

From what I heard, Debian will very well run on old machines as well - 
but you might consider replace KDE or Gnome by a lighter desktop 
environment (such as IceWM). There is also educational live CDs - but 
taken the weak configuration of your school's machines, installation 
would be a wise thing to do. How many disk space is there BTW? I 
recommend a minimum of 4 GB for a full workstation. But if you drop 
Openoffice and KDE, you will get along with 3 GB.

What other plans are there? How about internet usage? As you start 
setting up a proxy and possibly even user accounts why not take the 
1 hour to install a main server including squid?

And if you want to save N-1 hours installing your N computers you may 
consider using the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). Thus, all 
desktops look alike and any additional application needs only to be 
installed once.

Kind regards

P.S.: May I ask 2 questions myself? Whereabout is that school (region), 
and how did you find Debian-Edu?

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