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Advice on elementary school environment

Hi Debian-Edu,

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I just visited the elmentary/primary school that my daughter will attend
from next year on. I was curious whether they do care about media
competence education, so I asked. I learned that they have a PC pool
with 12+1 machine (Pentium I age, non-significant RAM).

The machines are used to teach them howto use MS Word. The main reason
for that is, because that kind of topic is not part of the official
curriculum, so they do it in their spare time and get no money for it.
Hence the cannot buy appropriate software and Word is the only software
they have!

I'm glad that they care about this kind of education at all (well balanced
with stuff that is more important for children of that age), but at the same
time I'm also shocked. I talked to some children and apparently they
learned computer == windows == word.

IMHO oppinion is would by a great improvement to provide them with the
possibility to make use of all the free software for children that is

Long story, simple question: I'm looking for a scenario that enables the
children to play with free software for them. There is no need for the
many administration aspects that DebianEdu provides, only for software
the children directly interact with.

There are little more than 20 children per class, so I guess 10
terminal/machines/screens should be enough.

Although they have some hardware a lot of stuff is broken. I don't think
that any of the machines is able to run a recent Debian (no matter what
desktop env is used). BUT there is a working LAN and a working DSL

I apologize for this long mail, but I'd be glad if I could get an idea
about possible setups -- perhaps with a hint about the costs. If there is
someone who did something like this I'd be happy if they could share their

Thanks in advance,


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