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168 Email Reminders sent (Skolelinux School Database)

Today, I sent out email reminders to the 168 contacts associated with 
160 existing school entries in our Database. Apart from 25 emails 
bounced due to non-existing address, all mails should arrive like this:
Subject: Your Submission to Skolelinux Schools Database

Skolelinux School:  SCHOOL NAME 


according to our database, you are the submitter of SCHOOL NAME (ID:ID). 
This entry was made SCHOOL_JOINED (cf. [1]).
In case that the listing of your school is not up to date, we ask you 
kindly to edit your entry using this web form [2]. Of course it is 
possible to request a new password if yours got lost. 
As we wish to clean up invalid and outdated entries, we beg you to react 
even if your school is not using Skolelinux anymore. Please, send us a 
mail or just update the corresponding entry.
Should you face any problems doing so, please, don't hesitate to contact 
our mailing list [3] or reply directly to this mail. 

With compliments from the Web Team of Skolelinux.org/Debian-Edu

Please take note of the new documentation project for Skolelinux 3.0 
(based on Debian Etch) that is available at [4]. You are kindly invited 
to support our project by any kind of contribution [5].


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