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Re: InterWikiForest & Documentation


On Sunday 28 October 2007 10:59, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Yesterday it took me quite a while plus an IRC hint to
> re-encounter the official (if yet unreleased) documentation
> for Debian Edu Etch at
> 	http://wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/Documentation/Etch

It's released and part of our etch.

The version in etch-test is much better though :-)

> Maybe we can settle on what mnemnonic to use (DebEdu/SLX/Skole)?
> When we vice versa link back to w.d.o, we also need a tag for this.

While I consider interwiki links a good idea, as they save you from some 
typing, I'd like to remark that it will break the links in the debian-edu-doc 
package, until the scripts to generate the html version are fixed to replace 
the interwiki links with real links.

> It should be the same in all local wikis (like 'deb'). Possibly
> there can be yet another shortcut for DebianEdu pages 'debEdu'
> - so [debEdu:Etch] will directly point to /DebianEdu/Etch.

I dont think debEdu is such a big win over DebianEdu that it justifies 
introducing another strange abbrivation...

Also, this is probably interesting for those to know who doesnt know it yet: 
we dont plan to use wiki.skolelinux.no (for this kind of content, that is 
international debian edu content) forever, instead we want to use 
wiki.debian.org in future. But we cannot at the moment, as wiki.debian.org 
doesnt support exporting as docbook.


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