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InterWikiForest & Documentation

Dear list,

once again I experienced myself how confusing the use
of parallele wiki systems can be:

Yesterday it took me quite a while plus an IRC hint to
re-encounter the official (if yet unreleased) documentation
for Debian Edu Etch at

Basically, I had forgotten that this page is not located
in the international debian wiki.debian.org. 

1. In order to help people finding that page, I added some
links to the international wiki. Please check for recent 
changes and proof read my additions:

(You will also see changes to the letter that we want to 
 send to registered schools. Please give it a look, too!)

2. To faciliate linking between Wikis, there is a feature 
called "InterWiki". I suggested adding the Norwegian and the
German Wiki to the list of known neighbour wikis:
	http://wiki.debian.org/InterWiki (bottom)

Maybe we can settle on what mnemnonic to use (DebEdu/SLX/Skole)?
When we vice versa link back to w.d.o, we also need a tag for this.
It should be the same in all local wikis (like 'deb'). Possibly
there can be yet another shortcut for DebianEdu pages 'debEdu' 
- so [debEdu:Etch] will directly point to /DebianEdu/Etch.

What do you tink?
Kind regards

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