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debian-edu-doc package


the binary debian-edu-doc package in our etch is 6.5mb in size, the source 
package is 19 mb.

Yesterdays upload brought the source pcackage down to 10mb and the binary up 
to 13mb.

The growth in the size of the binary package (*) is because now the html 
version of the manual contains images.

Unfortunatly links (for putting the images in the en-directory and then 
linking to them from the de/es/nb/etc directory) is not allowed in the 
default apache2 configuration, and if i dont use links, the binary package 
size will go further up. (Currently images are broken in the html version in 

OTOH, as we want to include localized images, the package will get bigger 

I'm mentioning this, as this will lead (or in etch-test has already led) to 
some packages being dropped from the CDs and DVD. Is this an issue? :)


(*) the shrinking in the source package is due to bugfixing..

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