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Re: A couple of tools to look at

Dear José,

thanks for your quick reply.

Am Mittwoch 24 Oktober 2007 schrieben Sie:
> It
> was a pitty that Etch was released with gtk 2.8 that was pretty old
> at the release date.

Also, swi-prolog was dropped (while swi-prolog-doc is kept) - now I have 
to try if JPrologEditor works with gprolog as well.

I "can" use Gambas for Etch (2.9.90) now, because my Sarge+ LTSP (dated 
back from 2004) broke suddenly (uptime 130 days). Now, that's business.


P.S.: My wiki page was just a coarse translation of the page you gave 
us. And, yes, I used Google translations as a tool.

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