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Re: A couple of tools to look at

El mié, 24-10-2007 a las 16:48 +0200, RalfGesellensetter escribió:
> Am Dienstag 23 Oktober 2007 schrieben Sie:
> > Hi Ralph. The stable release of controlaula is always at linex
> > repositories. You can download it from
> > http://apt.linex.org/linex2006/dists/cl/linexedu2006/
> Hi José
> muchas gracias para tu email. 
> Is the rewrite of ControlAula also Gambas Code?

Yes, it is. It's the best (and only) way I know to code only once and
run it on kde and gnome as native qt or gtk applications.

> (BTW, the gtk modules doesn't install for Etch!)

In fact, it does, but needs a gtk 2.10 backport, as it's explained at
http://gambas.sourceforge.net/download.html in the Debian section. It
was a pitty that Etch was released with gtk 2.8 that was pretty old at
the release date.

> Anyway, I created a German ControlAula page in our Wiki here:
> http://wiki.skolelinux.de/ControlAula

Thanks, I will have to do something to understand as many documents as
you write in German ;-)

José L.

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