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Re: Upgrading WS from Sarge: 2.5 options


On Tuesday 16 October 2007 14:26, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Upgrading to Etch (SLX 3.0) is due, now. I see 2.5 ways to do so:
> 1. aptitude/apt-get dist-upgrade

aptitude is recommended, apt-get is legacy :-)

> Today, I started trying option 1. according to
> http://wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/Documentation/Etch/Upgrades
> This path turned out to be
> - non-working (dependencies got broken as can be guessed from here:
>   http://paste.debian.net/39847 - "840 upgraded, 408 newly installed,
>   73 to remove and 3 not upgraded. Need to get 1208MB of archives."

Thanks for the paste.d.-URL. 

You used "apt-get dist-upgrade". I usually do my upgrades (between 
distributions) with "apt-get upgrade ; apt-get dist-upgrade"... (*)

Looking at the list of removed packages, I dont see many showstoppers though:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
  akode base-config celestia cfengine cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data grass 
gtkmorph hotplug jackd k3d kdelibs-bin kdelibs4 kdevelop3
  kdevelop3-data kdevelop3-plugins kmessedwords konq-speaker kudzu kvlc 
libarts1 libboost-python1.32.0 libesd0 libestools1.2c102
  libexif-gtk4 libgc1 libgdal1 libgeos2 libgrass libhk-classes6 
libhk-kdeclasses6 libid3-3.8.3 libkcal2a libkdeedu1 libkdenetwork2
  libkdepim1 libkleopatra0a libmimelib1a libmodplug0 libmusicbrainz4 
libmyspell3 libnewt0.51 libnfsidmap1 libopenexr2 libqt3c102-mt
  libsigc++-2.0-0 libstlport4.6 libtag1 libtidy0 libtse3-0.2.7 libtunepimp2 
libwpd8 libwv2-1 mozilla-firefox-locale-it
  mozilla-locale-de-at netkit-inetd ntp-server odbcinst1 okle 
openoffice.org-bin openoffice.org-debian-files openoffice.org-l10n-en
  openoffice.org-mimelnk python-qt3 python2.3 python2.3-gtk2 python2.3-imaging 
python2.3-numeric python2.3-qt3 python2.3-sip4-qt3
  python2.3-tk qgis xfree86-common xserver-common

Most if not all are libraries, which have a newer package name, the only one I 
spot, which isnt is celeastia, which isn't even in oldstable, but only in 

Did you have any other sources.list lines (or packages installed manually) 
from other sources than debian-edu sarge?

But I really think you should/could have upgraded that machine the way you 

> - I even tried tasksel (which might be a hint), but I feel that
>   upgrading the system without any Debian mirror is nonsense.

I'm a happy camper with squid. 

> As for option 2, I wonder if there is any boot options to prevent Grub
> from being used? Does usplash work with lilo as well? 

Should work, I dunno if it's supported (as in "works out of the box") in etch 


(*) yes, I should also get around to use aptitude everywhere...

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