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Re: Debian Edu Meeting minutes 20071008

[debian-science list in CC because of Extremadura topic]

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Ronny Aasen wrote:


I missed an announcement on debian-edu list for the meeting.  I would
think that would be alsways a good idea because there are people out there
who are very seldomly lurking on IRC and do not follow Wiki changes (at
least I do fit this criteria).  (There is no practical in this case for
me because I would probably not have attended anyway.)

* extremadura
Holger created a prelimary schedule [1] We can use it to plan events/talks for extremadura. It's also wanted that everyone update their arrivaltime in the wiki [2]

  [1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Extremadura2007/Schedule

I'd volunteer to organise the workshop.  Topics:

  * current status of cdd-dev
  * how to quickly build meta packages for a cdd at the example of
  * Ideas for the future

* Settle on one way of spelling Debian Edu
Bug #1237 [1] is resolved. It was setteled to use the most 'English' way of writing. So we urge everyone to try and be consistent in writing and translations. Use "Debian Edu" in written text, and DebianEdu in URL's and other places where spaces are not desireable.

This is interesting.  Are there any documents about what means "proper
English spelling"?  This would also concern Debian-Med (which is currently
spelled this way).

Kind regards and thanks for the minutes



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