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Re: Debian Edu Meeting minutes 20071008

Am Dienstag 09 Oktober 2007 20:18 schrieb Ronny Aasen:
> * Settle on one way of spelling Debian Edu
> Bug #1237 [1] is resolved. It was setteled to use the most 'English'
> way of writing. So we urge everyone to try and be consistent in
> writing and translations. Use "Debian Edu" in written text, and
> DebianEdu in URL's and other places where spaces are not desireable.

Hi there & thanks for the minute.

How about hyphens here? Debian-Edu looks more as a unit to me - and 
other CDD like debian-med use hyphens, too. 

In technical environments (e.g. paths) lower letters are common 
(debian-edu), maybe enforced by the fact that Debian's official logo 
(using a non-free font BTW) is written in lower characters:


Back to my question: Is this 'settlement' rather stressing that Debian 
Edu should be written in upper keys? Or that it should be written as 
two words w/o hyphen?


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