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Fwd: [kde-edu]: iTALC

I dare forward this interesting report to our list:
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Betreff: [kde-edu]: iTALC
Datum: Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007
Von: Ben Crawford  
An: kde-edu@kde.org

An update on iTALC.

A while back there was some discussion on
iTALC and I mentioned that our school was looking at possibly testing
it out.  The results so far are mixed.  Note that we are testing in a
Windows environment.

Installing the clients for the most
part is not a problem and is smooth.  Installing the master program on
just on computer is also not a problem.  However, editing the registry
to allow for global keys on the network is a bit of a draw back.

occur with the maximum allowed connections for the master computer if
it is running WinXP SP2.  XP SP2 limits connections in a configuration
file (tcpip.sys or something like that) so that it is only allows for
the monitoring of 10 computers.  This is a a hurdle that can be
overcome with a tool that modifies the number of allowed connections
from a third party site.  The real trick is when you are running virus
software and try to do the modification - lots of them seem to detect
this a virus, more on this below.

I have found a work around that works with our virus software
(eTrust).  Simply boot into safe mode and run the modification program,
reboot, and then everything is fine.  Modification made and no
complaints from eTrust.

We are still early on in our trial run,
mainly due to overcoming the above mentioned issues.  We are planning
to continue with this trial now that we have gotten past this, and are
hopeful that our run will now be smooth.

Although I'm a relative
newbie at this, I don't mind any questions.  I will post again when we
have had more of a chance to give iTALC a more rigorous run through.


*Why are more than 10 connections detected
as a virus?  This is a limitation introduced in SP2 to try and stop
computers that have become zombies from wreaking havoc all over the

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