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Re: summary from the irc meeting 2007-08-23

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:

What about when we sit and work on a package to fix something, eg.
during a gathering, and want to test if the fix work ?

I'm not sure whether I understand the problem?  Is there any
difference between work in gatherings and otherwise?  Do you
think about the time delay by one day until the package is
available at the Debian mirror?  If this is the problem I would
maintain a local Debian-Mirror and push the package in question
to this local mirror that in this case would behave like the
Debian unstable mirror from tomorrow (or the testing mirror
from tomorrow + 10days).

Perhaps writing a wrapper around dput that does this automatically
might reduce time in case this would happen frequently.

Not a big problem for me, as I tend to do my own image (and repository)
if needed :)

So this would probably be the answer, but I fail to see a
contradiction to a general maintainance of packages inside

Kind regards



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