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summary from the irc meeting 2007-08-23


	danielsan	= Daniel Hess
	sepski     	= Ronny Aasen
	Andreas	= Andreas Tille
	pere		= Petter Reinholdtsen
	winnie	= Patrick Winnertz
	jever		= Jürgen Leibner 

 1. Who can write the summary?

	20 minutes after the begin of the meeting I joined it and so the
	summary writer was found ;-)
	In the meantime it was explained by sepski, why a summary is so 	
	important: '... the log is allways put on the wiki. but the summaries 
	are posted on the mailinglists in addition to the wikies. and of course 
	the summaries only contains the meat of the meeting and not all the 
	discussion.' So the summary is very important to let those not present 
	know what was discussed here.

 2. Status of press coverage

	Pere suggested that we should try to merge the different lists of press 
	coverage into one list, and join forces to keep that list updated.
	The Lists can be found here: http://wiki.skolelinux.no/Presse which 	
	links to the other lists too. If someone can merge and redirect  	
	http://wiki.skolelinux.de/Presse/Texte into 
	http://wiki.skolelinux.no/Presse it would be great and perhaps 
	translate it to english.
 3. Preparing for release 3.0r1
  3.1 rough schedule for rc1

	There is a roadmap here: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/roadmap
	It consists of the points made by pere some time ago in an e-mail to 	
	danielsan remarks that it would be nice, if people could add their 
	points and claim points they are working on.

	pere asked, if anyone is interested in collecting windows installers of 
	free software for the live DVD images like openoffice.org, GIMP and so
	on. danielsan thinks that we should create a subpage and list software 
	with direct links to the downloads there.	If enough gets in, it may be 
	worth including it.

	jever asked if one can have something like a portal server as an 
	install profile. winnie and sepski said that the barebone install 
	profile is the right place for such services.

	pere wants to make a new release (r1) at the and of this month. So the 
	the roadmap has to be checked, the bugzilla for verifying new bugs and 
	fixing of verified bugs has to be done. While finnarne has made it 
	clear that he very rarely look at the bugzilla bugs, so we should not 
	wait for that to happen. So winnie looked over the bugzilla bugs of 	
	lwat and he thinks some of them are closed now.
	danielsan would like to see lwat with updated german translation and
	offers to add it if.

	Overall it is docu missing as winnie remarks.

 4. version number and code name for the next release

	r1 have no new name and lenny is to far ahead to bother with it now.
	So we should move this to a meeting after r1 and put it on hold until
	we start working on lenny stuff.

 5. developing a development strategy for lenny

	danielsan said that last meeting it was sugested to handle this point
	at the meeting in Extremadura.
	pere would like us to start building lenny images as soon as r1 is out,
	from our own repository.
	This will give us working images while we spend time to reduce the
	amount of packages in our repository.
	h01ger want us to not build from our own repository, in the belief that
	it will make us more focused on fixing stuff in lenny.
	sepski said that this is a good plan for integration into debian, but
	it makes it harder for non DD's to test their stuff since they need a
	sponsored upload first. The further discussion will be made in

  5.1 cd builds
	sepski thinks that he can spend some time on it.

  5.2 #311188 debian-edu-config: Messes "programmatically" with 
	conffiles of other packages

	- This point was skipped -
  5.3 how to make solutions for #311188 a [WWW] release goal

	- This point was skipped -

  5.4 starting a wiki page with our release goals for lenny

	- This point was skipped -

  5.5 edu point releases in lenny (h01ger has a plan for that)

	- This point was skipped -

  5.6 what else?

	Nothing else

 6. Extremadura 2007

	There is a wikipage url where people can sign up/mark the dates that 
fits the best: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Extremadura2007
	winnie collects info from everyone about when they _can't_ join, and 
then try to find such holes.

 7. Common CDD tools (AndreasTille)

	andreas is working on converting debian-edu to use the common CDD 
tools, trying to converge the different CDDs to use a common set of 
	pere believes this is a good idea. Andreas' strategy so far is to take 
the debian-edu tools, remove the debian-edu specific hardcoded stuff 
and make it more configurable. Next convert our packages to use the new 
tools. The positive effect is that we can get help from other cdds to 
maintain and improve the tools. The negative effect is that it become 
slightly harder to modify the tools (have to send then through the 
cdd-tools maintainer). Luckily, we can all become part of the cdd 
project and do the work directly there, so it is not a big problem.

  7.1 Separating Debian-Edu specific data from general code
	(partly done)
  7.2 Usage of SVN (trunk?)

	pere believes it is ok to work on trunk, but only if we are careful.

  7.3 Finally Build-Depend from (to be released) cdd-dev and Depend from 

	- This point was skipped -

  7.4. Naming scheme (*-tasks, *-common, *-config)

	- This point was skipped -

 8. Next meeting?

	The next meeting is planned on #debian-edu (irc.debian.org), 
	2007-08-31 18:00 UTC (20:00 CET).
	It will (hopefully) complete in 1 hour.
	(danielsan would like to see other people here, was a bit low the last 
	few meetings)

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