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Re: Inv: Skolelinux at FrosCon 2007 (Cologne)


Just wondering if you need any graphics for the booth? e.g. posters, banners, leaflets etc?


RalfGesellensetter wrote:
Dear Developpers and Supporters,

during the last weekend of August (SAT 25 + SUN 26), the Free and Open Source Conference will take place at Köln/Bonn (http://froscon.de).

We've been invited to present the new release of Debian-Edu (based on Etch). I will give a talk, and we are granted a booth with approx. seven clients (tiny classroom). It would be great to get support on a greater level, so we can serve the booth.
Looking forward for your contributions,

P.S. Cologne Airport is served by several "cheap" flight companies.

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