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User w/o access: Cached file properties?

Dear list,

today, I faced a strange folder rights behaviour:

As opposed to myself, a colleague $C could not write into a folder like:

	root:teachers drwxrwxr-x somefolder

Both, $C and me, are in group "teachers" (listed in "id $C"), and also 
any other memeberships were identically. Only that I happened to be a 
member of "nogroup" as well. But adding $C to nogroup did not help, 

Now, I re-tried from tjener: After becoming "su $C", I _could_ write 
to "somefolder". It must be said, that in the moment when the write 
access was denied, C was logged in from a Skolelinux workstation 
(Sarge), using KDE. I used chown on "somefolder" meanwhile, and 
Konqueror displayed the changed rights correctly. 

Is there any odd beaviour from KDE side or even with NFS/automounting 
that leads to a lagging permission update?


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