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[Bug 865] Wish: Who's where? Synced list of users logged in


trond@maehlum.net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From trond@maehlum.net  2007-08-06 10:33 -------
I am not getting what I need for rwho. I need at list of users logged into a given ltspserver, and the 
hostname and/or ipadress of their client. I don't see how I can get that from rwhod.

Now I use this:

echo $(ps eauxww|grep "bash --login -c"|grep "LTSP_CLIENT"|grep PPID|grep -v grep | cut -d ' ' -f1) \
$(ps eaxww|grep "bash --login -c"|grep "LTSP_CLIENT"|grep PPID|grep -v grep| cut -d'=' -f4|cut -d':' 

But the output is wrong it outputs:

user user ipadress ipadress 

instead of

user  ipadress
user  ipadress

Even though hostname would be better...

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