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Artwork wanted: CD boot image for live CD

With the Live CD taking shape, it would be useful to have a specific
boot image for the Live CD, to make it easier to identify that it is
not the normal isntall CD.

At the moment, the /usr/share/pixmaps/splash/debian-edu-splash.png
file in the debian-edu-artwork package is used.  This is the same
image as the one on the install DVD and CDs.  I suspect adding 'Live'
or 'Live standalone' on that image would be sufficient and a good idea
to make the boot recognizable (as well as consistent with the progress
bar image).

Anyone got time to make such image.  Please add it to the art/splash/
directory in the debian-edu-artwork package, next to the other boot
image.  There are restrictions on resolution and color depth.  Check
the source for the -artwork package for the details.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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