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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianEdu/HowTo/LtspLowFatWorkstation" by KnutYrvin


On Thursday 19 July 2007 01:15, Debian Wiki wrote:
> Dear Wiki user,
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> The following page has been changed by KnutYrvin:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/LtspLowFatWorkstation
> The comment on the change is:
> Keith Packard at Intel sugested to name Diskless to LowFat

So what? I suggest to rename "tjener" to "blueserver" now. "Server" is much 
better understood and "blue" means "serious" ;-) Should I?

Cheese is lowfat but Workstations are diskless.

Also, this page is referenced in our packages and in our documentation. 

I just wanted to revert the change, but the wiki didnt let me. Sigh.

I got flamed, for fixing a _bug_ last minute (lsb-release=3.2 was completly 
wrong: our release will (unfortunatly) be called 3.0 and debian has 4.0, the 
lsb version is 3.1, so 3.2 is/was just buggy - now lsb-release reports 4.0, 
so third party applications relying on this will conviniently detect it as an 
etch system), but other people happily change the installations cds in a way 
I consider potentially high risk (i'll open a bottle of sparkling water if 
this breaks powerpc, which i'll not be able to test before the planned 
release date) or do the above change. 

shaking his head,

P.S.: I wrote the above at 2:30 (and had a typo in the to:-header), then went 
to bed, got hooked into a good book to think of something else, finished it 
until it was almost 5, and then couldnt sleep. Got up, and moved the 
debian-edu mailsfolders back into the many debian folders I have. Until now I 
had the edu folders sorted outside the debian mailfolders to have them more 
visibly, but this broke the camels back. As you could see today on IRC or in 
the above paragraph, I was already quite frustrated about certain things atm, 
to say it mildly. 

Really, changing 3.0 to 4.0 (which we havent done) is considered to be too 
much, too late, even though almost nobody cares about version numbers and/or 
almost everybody believes higher version numbers are better, but changing 
core names (=definitions) to something more or less meaningless in the last 

Please revert this silly change. (I have recreated 
DebianEdu/HowTo/LtspDisklessWorkstation as I couldnt rename the page, but 
neither replaced lowfat with diskless in it nor reverted the change in etch 
documentation Knut also made...) Please, someone...

Why cant we concentrate on getting the release out (and stoping making 
non-bugfix changes in the last minute, too) and fixing the incomplete 
documentation instead? 

Now I'll go to bed and just hope that Knut says "good point", reverts this and 
let's me look silly with this way too long and too frustrated mail :-)

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