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[Bug 1223] joining the skolelinux domain with windows vista fails


------- Additional Comments From daniel@rio-grande.ping.de  2007-07-16 03:44 -------
Or even earlier.

The problem is not only the ldap host configured in samba and libnss-ldap, but
also the missing network configuration when samba-debian-edu-admin is executed
(via ldap-debian-edu-install).

So we clearly need to wait for bind to run or add ldap as an alias to tjener in
/etc/hosts (happens in debian-edu-install). The other question is, if
samba-debian-edu-admin should be delayed until networking is up (i.e. executed
in the last stage of the installation (in debian-edu-install)), or bring up
networking (eth0 configured with earlier.

It would be nice to see comments here soon, as we should fix and test it really



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