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Re: press release and release notes (the release is very near)

On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 23:38 +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Please help finishing those documents which are quite important for a good 
> release - I'm considering submitting this as p1 bug to bugzilla ;)

I will spend some hours doing some writing about the release tomorrow if
that is OK?

The press-release should refer to www.skolelinux.org i think and I'm
getting the www-pointer moved to the new site currently at
www.skolelinux.no for it.

As always, this is a very large scale community effort and I think we 
should emphasise on this fact along with the bulk of new features and
cleanups done for this landmark release :)

I hope we can get the press-releases and such translated to as many 
languages as possible in the days following a complete english one.

Maybe this will spark some new interest?

(o_   / With regards,
 |   /  Anders Kringstad Hanssen - <akai at skolelinux dot no>
//\-X   Elected leader, FRISK (Skolelinux norway) <www.skolelinux.no>
V_/_    Elected leader, Trondheim Linux User Group (TLUG) - <www.tlug.no>

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