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Please move a few packages from etch-test to etch

Preparing for rc4, it is time to move a few packages from etch-test to
etch.  Please move these:

  debian-edu            0.817.0.edu.etch.1+svn35443
  debian-edu-config     0.412.0.edu.etch.1+svn35539
  debian-edu-install    0.664.0.edu.etch.1+svn35539
  kde-i18n              4:3.5.5-1.0.edu.etch.3
 *libpam-foreground     0.2-0.edu.etch.5 
  ltsp                  0.99debian12+0.0.edu.etch.7
  lwat                  0.15-1
  sitesummary           0.0.27

The new hal and libpam-foreground packages are waiting for amd64 and
powerpc builds.  We need both, but I believe we should release
tomorrow even if the builds are missing, to avoid loosing speed.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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