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[Bug 1151] Adept_notifier runs on all users kde on the thinclients


------- Additional Comments From holger@layer-acht.org  2007-07-05 18:25 -------

<klausade> yes, having it only on standalone sound like a good fix.
<pere> at the moment, workstation include the standalone task, and the 
standalone task can not have any packages not installed on workstations and 
<pere> to implement a fix, we would have to change the workstation task and 
move all packages in the standalone task to a task included by workstation, 
except the adept-notifier package.
<white> pere: that is a design error :(
<pere> sure.  I suspect the idea was to have most packages in the desktop-* 
tasks, but that was never done.  they only include a few packages.
<white> pere: i can copy/n/paste the tasks, but is that really worth the effort
<white> i am not quite sure how big this icon is :)
<pere> white: no, that is not a good idea.  it was like that earlier, and the 
standalone task was almost useless because of it.

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