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[Bug 1206] unable to change kdm look and feel.


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-07-04 09:25 -------
The way to modify kdm configuration was changed in Etch.  Now you are supposed to
add a file in /etc/default/kdm.d/ specifying one of the variables used in
/etc/init.d/kdm to specify theming.  This is the relevant section in init.d/kdm:

# we update kdm configuration files (only overridden values)
[ -n "$USEBACKGROUND" ] && sed -i "s|^#\?UseBackground=.*|
[ -n "$BACKGROUNDCFG" ] && sed -i "s|^#\?BackgroundCfg=.*|
[ -n "$USETHEME" ] && sed -i "s|^#\?UseTheme=.*|UseTheme=$USETHEME|" $KDMCFG
[ -n "$THEME" ] && sed -i "s|^#\?Theme=.*|Theme=$THEME|" $KDMCFG
[ -n "$WALLPAPER" ] && sed -i "s|^#\?Wallpaper=.*|Wallpaper=`readlink -f 

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