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Documentation Organisation

Hi all, I think is necessary to change the documentation organisation,
I explain why:

there's more than one version of skolelinux but the wiki is not differenciated.
I'm sure that a lot of things are the same between on version an the
ather but also same need to be changed (or is changed).
Workin on only one wiki, updating the documentation, means loose the
documentation of older version and never be sure if what I'm reading
is updated or not.

I discuss about that in the admin list and I'm not the only one thinking that:

2007/7/4, Kurt Gramlich <kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de>:
in the german wiki we try to solve this problem with codename and

a lot of documentation is similar to all versions.

I'm not a wiki expert but I think the debian-edu team shuold optimize
the documentation organisation for take the best from users


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