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Re: Unable to complete installation-swap not active

Tirsdag 03 juli 2007 08:10, skrev Valerio Pachera:
> Hi all, I donwloded skolelinux dvd few days ago and I tried to
> isntall it using the expert mode.
> I was installing it in a prtition og 5 giga and with a swap of 600Mb
> about. My laptop (Asus A6Vm) has 512Mb of RAM.
> Everything was working fine, it install the system (the longest pass)
> and just after it I receive a message that say samething like "there
> is none active swap partition in the USWSUSP configuration file...do
> you whant to continue without a swap partition?".
> My sawp memory was reconized and formatted by the partitioning tool
> in the steps before.
> I press "yes" and then I see the next message asking to configure
> nat. At this point it doesn't matter if I press yes or not, I recive
> the message that one ore more steps failed and I can't continue with
> the installation.

I just installed main-server+work-station profile on my laptop in 
expertgui-mode, and I also answered «yes» here, no problem. Do you have 
any other swap-partition on your harddrive? 

> Now I'm downloading with rsync the latest version but I wuold likle
> to undertund if am I doing anything wrong or if you had the same
> problem ?

I just did a main-server+workstation install on my laptop, with manual 
partitioning and no boot-loader, and the only problem I had was that 
the gtk-frontend said it had problems installing some software, while 
at the same time the installationprocess was very busy installing that 
software ....

I'm sorry for the "works-for-me" answer. 
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Klaus Ade
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