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Re: Using OCS Inventory in Debian Edu?

El lun, 02-07-2007 a las 16:33 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> The Linex people mentioned over lunch that they are using OCS
> Inventory to keep track of their machines.  It is available from
> <URL:http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/>, and packages are on their way
> into the Debian archive.  It seem to be a very good system from
> checking their web page.  Anyone have any experience with it?  How
> hard would it be to get it up and running out of the box in Debian
> Edu?  It might be a good alternative to sitesummary.
> It seem to be PHP based, at least for the admin gui, and I suspect we
> can use it to generate the munin configuration like we do now with
> sitesummary.

We are just doing the inventory of all our machines right now. We begun
last week and only 4000 machines have gone to the inventory as most
people is on vacation, so we hope to finish it on September when the
course begins.
It uses perl, not only php. 
The agent is quite simple and easy to be hacked. Its installation is
also quite simple. I attach you the script we are running in all our
computers when they are started, so make it running out of the box
should be really easy, except for the server. In that case it will be
more complicated, but not too hard. For the script, forget the part that
assigns a route, that's because many of our schools have decided to
start the students PC's without a route to avoid students use Internet.
Only the teacher can enable internet use in that case, but obviously it
doesn't apply to debian-edu.

On the other hand, ocsinventory is really powerful when used together
with glpi (http://www.glpi-project.org/ ) as both projects are
collaborating, you can pass all the ocs data to glpi and use it together
with a more ambitious goals. We are using it for our schools
call-center. Glpi doesn't seem to fit inside the school servers, but it
would be really useful for companies supporting the schools.

José L.

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