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[Bug 1203] network Manager makes it impossible to log in on a laptop set up as a workstation


------- Additional Comments From daniel@rio-grande.ping.de  2007-06-29 02:28 -------

I've installed networkmanager and networkmanager-kde on an Workstation only
installation. The Problem is, that networkmanager automatically grabs every not
static configured interface and deconfigure it as first step. So even if the
Ethernet interface to tjener if configured via dhcp by ifupdown it will be
deconfigured as soon as networkmanager starts (through dbus).

One Option, but not a good one, is to configure the interface to tjener static.
Networkmanager will then ignore this interface but continue to mange all other
(e.g. WLan). Thins way one could log in to WLans when abroad and use wired
network "at home".

As we surly have not to search for too long to find scenarios and users how
would like to use wired network abroad, the better option is to trigger
networkmanager to go for dhcp on the wired interface as soon as it is started. I
don't know yet, if there is a easier way than to send a dbus message to
networkmanager, but I hope there is documentation somewhere which will tell.



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