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Re: openSUSE to release "add-on" distro image dubbed 'SLEDucator'

On Tuesday 26. June 2007 21:40, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> The companies that bid
> for this tenders have  demonstrate a long experience and deposit an
> important economical warranty (40.000 for a 500.000 € tender).  That's
> easy if you are going to do a road, as local building companies have
> millions of euros, but a local software company can not afford it. If
> the interactive boards tender were for only a city would be accessible
> to small companies.

Good points. I think this is why Canonical got business opportunities in 
Spanish regions. Mark got enough founds to put warranties for 40.000 to 
5000.000 Euro on the table :)

> On the other hand, you're right guessing that chiefs think that nobody
> has been fired hiring IBM, even if the project fails...

Exactly. It's also why we in Norway has worked our but of to achieve same 
credibility as IBM and other big companies. Now Linpro got a national 
discount agreement on Skolelinux with most of Norwegian municipalities 
through The Municipalities Central Union (an cooperative organisation who 
helps the municipalities govern them self). Also other vendors are helping 

This is about building a believable ecosystem. And with right relations and 
right customer cases we should be able to put warranties on 500.000 Euro on 
the table (if the customer cases are big enough) ...

I know that several Spanish regions talks actively on how to lower the entry 
barrier when doing public tenders with free software. Other regions in Europa 
has successfully done so, and innovation leaps ahead. They also helps 
companies in their birth to succeed, providing good advice and such. I hope 
more Spanish regions acknowledge that, because some do already :) 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Skolelinux project manager Norway

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