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Re: please test newer ltsp/ltspfs


Am Mittwoch, den 20.06.2007, 16:07 -0700 schrieb vagrant@freegeek.org:
> > Please tell us what exactly we should test, some of us might be totally 
> > unfamiliar with possible shortcommings and bugs present in elder 
> > versions of ltsp and ltspfs. What should we test to see if is working 
> > now, and so on. 
> mainly, i think it was skolelinux bug #1180 that it should address.
No entry in the /etc/fstab for cdrom ...

But do not work as user. Root can mount cdrom with
"mount /dev/hdc /media/usb7" 

Than the cdrom is also seen in KDE as user.

If I create a entry in the fstab the hal Error is back. 

I see messages in udevmonitor on diskless workstation and in the syslog
on tjener if I plug in a usb-stick. 

sorry Andreas 

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